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Let's say we have 3 domain classes: 2 classes related with each other through a 3rd class.

Ok, some code:

class A {
     String subject
     String description

     static hasMany = [cs: C]

     static transients = ['numberOfCs']

     Long getNumberOfCs() {
         return cs.size()

class B {
     String title

class C {
     A objectA
     B objectB

     static belongsTo = [a: A]

Pretty clear? I hope so. This work perfectly with my domain.

You can see the transient property numberOfCs, which is used to calculate the number of C instances related to my A object. And it works just fine.

The problem: listing all my A objects, I want to sort them by the number of relationships with C objects, but the transient property numberOfCs cannot be used for the scope.

How can I handle the situation? How can I tell GORM to sort the As list by numberOfCs as it would be a regular (non transient) field?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure that Grails' criteria do support this, as you need both to select the A object itself and aggregate by a child objects (C). That means grouping by all the A's fields, which is not done automatically.

If you only need some fields from A, you can group by them:

def instances = A.withCriteria {
  projections { 
    count('cs', 'cCount')
  order 'cCount'

otherwise you'll need to retrieve only ids and make a second query, like in this question.

Another way is to use derived properties like described here (not sure it will work though):

class A {
    static mapping = {
        numberOfCs formula: 'select count(*) from C where c.b_id = id'
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I'll give it a try and I'll let you know, thanks! – lucke84 Sep 5 '12 at 15:02
Ok, the formula hasn't worked for me and I haven't tried the withCriteria. But I use the solution of retrieving the ids with 2 separated queries, as indicated in this answer you linked me. If you edit your answer to make it more visible to anyone, I can accept it. Thanks :) – lucke84 Sep 5 '12 at 16:23

I wouldn't consider your Problem GORM related but rather general Hibernate or even SQL related.

Take a look at the HQL Docu they are a lot of examples.

check the following HQL this pretty close what you are asking.

select mySortedAs from A mySortedAs left join mySortedAs.cs myCsOfA order by              

I think I saw somewhere that you also can do something like this myCsOfA.length or myCsOfA.size

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Thank you, but I wasn't asking how to sort by count a simple query, but how to sort list results in a gsp with a transient field. Your answer is just a piece of what I was looking for. Look at the link reported by Victor to see the solution I applied. – lucke84 Sep 7 '12 at 17:19
The answer is GORM/Hibernate can't do what you are asking for. Hibernate is not aware of your transient field nor does it know what happens inside your method. Hibernate is only a ORM framework. the closes you can get is with a 1. formula, 2.right query 3. manual sort after retrieving. – Vadimo Sep 10 '12 at 8:01

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