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I'm trying to create a simple button using jquery. When the user clicks a button, the value of 'timestart' is copied into 'timeend'.

<input id="timestart" name="timestart" value="" /> 
<!-- need button here: Click here to copy/paste value into timeend field -->
<input id="timeend" name="timeend" value="" />

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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<input id="timestart" name="timestart" value="" />
<button id='copy'>Copy</button>
<input id="timeend" name="timeend" value="" />




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Still trying to work with jquery as a newbie. Thanks for all the quick replies. Great responses and solutions. This solution worked perfectly. – user1564522 Sep 5 '12 at 12:31

Put a button in there, give it an ID or some other defining characteristic, and simply set the value of timeend when it's clicked. This example assumes some element with an ID of "yourButton":

$("#yourButton").on("click", function () {


This is very simple stuff. I would suggest spending some time reading through the jQuery docs to get an idea of the methods available to you.

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do it like this


Live Demo

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Try this:

$('.button').on('click', function(){
    var val = $('#timestart').val();
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