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Naclports seems to just provide a 32-bit object files, how do I get my project to link against them? Is there any tutorials on how someone uses jsoncpp in a nacl program?

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I've created a sample for you that you can checkout here:

The build system is premake based, you can download premake4 here:

From a terminal (cygwin or *nix):

premake4 gmake
make -R

Will build and link the project.

To test it run:

python ./

then navigate to localhost:5103. You should see the following:

NaCl Json Cpp Test


Loading plug-in ruby
Loading plug-in c++
Loading plug-in python
Sample Running.
Instance Built: 14:41:31 (Sep 5 2012)

To see how Json Cpp was used see the function JsonCPP in nacl_sample_main.cpp.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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