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I tried getting help on the wordpress forums but no luck. Anyways, heres my question...

Lets say i am creating 10 parent categories and 2 sub categories to each parent. My wordpress post belongs to one sub category of a particular parent category

How do i get the parent category name ONLY? i don't want subcategories names? what wordpress code would do that?

And one more question...

Is it possible to query post by the parent of a sub category by using

but instead of entering "cat=1" or the name of the particular category, can I do something like

so this way it would automatically insert and query post for the parent of any particular sub category that's clicked on?

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There seems to be some text missing from your post. –  JohnK Mar 13 '13 at 1:39

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To get the parent category name, use the get_cat_name() function, with the parent as the parameter -- like so:

$cat = get_the_category();
$parentCatName = get_cat_name($cat[0]->parent);
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All these answers failed for me.

I eventually managed to display a post's topmost category name like this :

        $categories = get_the_category();
        $category= '';
        foreach($categories as $childcat) {
            $parentcat = $childcat->category_parent;
                $category = get_cat_name($parentcat);
        $category = (strlen($category)>0)? $category :  $categories[0]->cat_name;
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Found this answer, which gives you the first ancestor slug. It could easily be modified to give you the name.

Got it here: http://nick.boldison.com/wordpress/wordpress-get-top-level-parent-category/

// get parent category slug
$parentCatList = get_category_parents($cat,false,',');
$parentCatListArray = split(",",$parentCatList);
$topParentName = $parentCatListArray[0];
$sdacReplace = array(" " => "-", "(" => "", ")" => "");
$topParent = strtolower(strtr($topParentName,$sdacReplace));

In fact, to get the parent name:

// get parent category slug
$parentCatList = get_category_parents($cat,false,',');
$parentCatListArray = split(",",$parentCatList);
$topParentName = $parentCatListArray[0];
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Lots of answers and examples in the Wordpress docs:

get category parents

get the category

(And it looks like some code snips or other text didn't come through in your original question)

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