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I've a field which should accept Integer value and its sum with another field should be 100. In order to do this I've written custom method like this.

'share' => array(
    'share' => array(
        'rule' => array('share'),
        'message' => 'This field is required.',
        'last' => true, 

Here I want to use the built validation method to check weather this field is numeric.

function share() {
        if( $this->data['Model']['commission_type'] == "usage_based" ) {
            // if($this->data['SmeCommission']['share']) { // Want to check this is a valid integer How can I built in Numeric validation here
                // Next validation to sum is equal to 100 with another field in the data.
            // }
        } else { 
            return true;
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Check book.cakephp.org/complete/1143/… Adding your own Validation Methods section last example(3rd one) –  dirtyhandsphp Sep 6 '12 at 12:45

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Use multiple rules for that field. As shown below first rule checks the value is numeric and then your custom rule which checks the sum.

'share' => array(
    'numeric' => array(
        'rule' => 'numeric'
    'share' => array(
        'rule' => array('share'),

If you do want to directly use a validation rule you can do like:

Validation::numeric(array('key' => 'value'));
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