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I have following setup, which gives me headaches because I don't see the problem:

ValidationModule module = ValidationModule(std::vector<FilterFlag>(0));
Settings validationSettings = Settings("Validation Settings");
validationSettings.registerFloat("test", module, &ValidationModule::setRatio, &ValidationModule::getRatio, 0.0f, 1.0f);

registerFloat takes two pointers to member functions of ValidationModule


// constructor
ValidationModule(const std::vector<FilterFlag>& filterFlags, float ratio = 0.7f);

// getter and setter, which are passed to Settings::registerFloat
inline void setRatio(float value) { _ratio = value; }
inline float getRatio() const { return _ratio; }


template<class TClass>
inline void Settings::registerFloat(const std::string& name, TClass owner, void (TClass::*setter)(float), float (TClass::*getter)() const, float minValue, float maxValue)
    CallBackToMemberSingleArg<float, TClass>* setterCallback = new CallBackToMemberSingleArg<float, TClass>(owner, setter);
    CallBackToMemberReturn<float, TClass>* getterCallback = new CallBackToMemberReturn<float, TClass>(owner, getter);
    // some unrelated processing

The compiler gives me following errors for the two constructors of CallBackToMemberSingleArg and CallBackToMemberReturn:

No matching constructor for initialization of 'CallBackToMemberSingleArg<float, ValidationModule>'
No matching constructor for initialization of 'CallBackToMemberReturn<float, ValidationModule>'

Here are the constructor declarations


template <typename TParam>
class CallBackSingleArg
    virtual ~CallBackSingleArg() { }
    virtual void call(const TParam& p) = 0;

template <typename TParam, typename TClass>
class CallBackToMemberSingleArg : public CallBackSingleArg<TParam>
    void (TClass::*function)(const TParam&);
    TClass* object;
    CallBackToMemberSingleArg(TClass* object, void(TClass::*function)(const TParam&)) : object(object), function(function) { };
    void call(const TParam& p) {

template <typename TParam>
class CallBackReturn
    virtual ~CallBackReturn() { }
    virtual TParam call() = 0;

template <typename TParam, typename TClass>
class CallBackToMemberReturn : public CallBackReturn<TParam>
    TParam (TClass::*function)();
    TClass* object;
    CallBackToMemberReturn(TClass* object, TParam(TClass::*function)()) : object(object), function(function) { };
    TParam call() {
        return (*object.*function)();

I tried to change the actual setter to void setRatio(const float& value), because CallBackToMemberSingleArg takes a const reference parameter, but that didn't help and also the call to the constructor of CallBackToMemberReturn gives the above error, so there must be something else, which I am unable to see.

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CallBackToMemberReturn expects a non-const function pointer but getRatio is a const-qualified member function. –  MadScientist Sep 5 '12 at 12:55
Thanks a lot. Had to change registerFloat as well and also fixed the issue with TClass* as Henrik said. Its all working now. Should have seen those my self but sometimes I'm just blind. –  christoph Sep 5 '12 at 13:08

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You're passing a TClass as first parameter to CallBackToMemberSingleArg constructor, but a TClass* is expected.

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Thank you very much. This and also what MadScientist pointed out were the Problems. –  christoph Sep 5 '12 at 13:05

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