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Hello Stackoverflowers!

I am currently working with the ATMEL evaluation kit AT91SAM9G20-EK. This kit uses the AT91SAM9G20.

I am trying to experience USB Device-Port programming and installed ATMELs CDC-USB Device project onto the processor. Putty listens at the DBGU-Com port and everything works well - if you plug in the usb-device cable - the gpio ports are throwing interrupts, the connection has been recognized and even Windows 7 sounds out its typical "de dem"-sound to acknowledge USB-connection.

If everything went well - the device manager should show an AT91Serial USB-Device USB->Serial Port.

BUT: The ATMEL supplied driver for the recognized AT91Serial USB-Device is not working properly. I asked uncle google for several days, found some sites and referrals and similar drivers who should work, but none of them does. I contacted ATMELs support, but the ticked is still pending.

So i ask you: do you have experience with AT91 USB programming (or similar?) under Windows 7 and a working driver for me? Or a workarround? Pity i didnt have experience in windows driver programming -.-

Thank you for reading and helping!

Regards, Aureon

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Here's my solution as i posted it at at91.com:

First: Configure Windows driver signature behaviour:

  • click on the windows logo in the left bottom corner
  • type in the field gpedit.msc (or in cmd-console)
  • it will open the editor for group-rules
  • go to user configuration -> administrative templates
  • select system -> driver installation
  • select code signature for device drivers
  • select the 'active'-radio button and choose 'ignore' from the dropdown menu below.

This will set windows to continue driver installation if its unsigned.

Second: Get the latest driver:

  • get the latest Sam-Ba distribution and install it
  • put the inf-file located in "Atmel\sam-ba_2.12\drv" ("atm6124_cdc.inf") into "Windows\inf"

Third: Do manual installation:

  • uninstall the current decive at the device manager (should be "AT91USBSerial" with a '?'-icon)
  • Unplug the device.
  • Plug in the device again.
  • Windows should open a driver installation window and either notify you that the driver has been installed or that it failed again.
  • open the device manager
  • rightlick at "AT91USBSerial" (with the '?'-icon) and choose update drivers.
  • select "Search computer for drivers".
  • select the list option -> Search for ATMEL Corp. and select "AT91 USB to Serial Converter" and click continue. A red warning window should appear. (You serious to install??)
  • Select the option "Install unsigned driver".

TADAAAAAAAAA! There it goes. Finally! It took me so much time to get it to work so i hope that i could help somebody who has this problem in the future. The driver works well and the Evaluationboard is shown as a new COMP-Port in the device-list.

Regards, Aureon

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Very useful, but for windows XP select direct system -> code signature for device drivers [enabled] -> [ignore] also is needed to go in control panel -> system -> hardware -> driver signatures button, where select again ignore. after this update the driver and it work

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Aureon require for window 7 not for xp –  jubinPatel Dec 19 '12 at 14:35

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