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I'm building a Kendo Chart in a razor view and have

 .Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip.Visible(true))

Is there any other function on the configuration action that I can use to include the series category title on the tooltip?

The documentation for Template() and Format() appear to be for JS implementations rather than razor implementations.

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You can add in a specific template and format like so:

.Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip
    .Template("#=category# - #=value #")

This would give you a tooltip that looks like:

Hydro - 22%

I believe that using the Template and Format helpers together may cause some conflict, but you can add a format into the template like this:

.Template("#=category# - #=kendo.format('{0}', value)#")
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Perfect. Is there any documentation for how to use .Template() online? – StuperUser Sep 5 '12 at 13:18
You can check the kendo demos at, they have code examples in javascript, aspx and razor. Unfortunately they don't cover all examples so you might be left wanting; I don't think there is a documentation site specifically for MVC, but you may be able to translate the javascript once you get the hang of the way that the MVC helpers work. – Alejo Sep 5 '12 at 13:23
if I want to use title text in template then? – debin Dec 18 '15 at 11:09


Tooltip content can be defined with a Kendo Template when more flexibility is desired. The template provides access to all information associated with the point:

  • value - the point value. Value dimensions are available as properties, for example, value.x and value.y
  • category - the category name.
  • series - the data series.
  • dataItem - the original data item (when binding to dataSource).
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You can use:

.Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip
.Template("#= #: #=kendo.format('{0:N0}', value)#")

For example, it shows the tooltip:

MySerie : 1.234.567

If only use:

.Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip
.Template("#= #: #= value #")

It shows:

MySerie : 1234567
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