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I'm trying to get artwork of the mp3 file using these lines of code.

    CFDataRef AlbumPic= nil;
    UInt32 picDataSize = sizeof(picDataSize);
    err =AudioFileGetGlobalInfo(kAudioFilePropertyAlbumArtwork, 0, NULL, &picDataSize, &AlbumPic);
    if( err != noErr ) {
        NSLog( @"error" );

    NSData* imagedata= (__bridge NSData*)AlbumPic;
    UIImage* image=[[UIImage alloc]initWithData:imagedata];

If I'm using:

NSLog (@"image %@, image");


NSLog (@"image %@, [image description]");

there is NULL.

How can I get artwork of mp3 file using kAudioFilePropertyAlbumArtwork?

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The function you want is AudioFileGetProperty, not AudioFileGetGlobalInfo

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