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I have an haystack that's an associative array:

$array['header']['title'] = 'MyTitle';
$array['header']['subtitle'] = 'MySubtitle';
$array['body'] = 'MyBody';

I'd wish to replace every occurrence of 'My' with 'Your'.
I'm trying something like this:

$new_array = str_replace('My', 'Your', $array);

Sadly it works only on the first level (ie body key).
Is there anything wrong? Is there a workaround?

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array_walk_recursive($array, 'replaceMy');

function replaceMy(&$item) {
    str_replace('My', 'Your', $item);
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Try this one: array_walk_recursive

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good point, better than checking manually and recursing +1 – falstro Sep 5 '12 at 13:09

If your associative array is unknown, you will have to use a recursive method to go through it and do your replace if the value is a string.

Otherwise, use more calls:

$new_array = str_replace('My', 'Your', $array);
$new_array = str_replace('My', 'Your', $array['header']);
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