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I have a collection.

 { "_id" : 13.0 , "tenantref" : { "$id" : 3.0}}

I need to retrieve the value of id 3.0 using java. I am getting null pointer exception.

    BasicDBObject field = new BasicDBObject();
    BasicDBObject field = new BasicDBObject();
    field.put("tenantref.$id", 1);

    DBCursor cursor = mongo.getDB("number").getCollection("testthree").find(query,field);   

    while (cursor.hasNext()) 

I am getting null pointer exception. How do I need to get the value?

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on what line does the null pointer exception occur? –  Philipp Sep 5 '12 at 13:09

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The get() function of BasicDBObject does not support the dot syntax. You have to traverse the object hierarchy by hand. Try

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