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I have bootstrap modal window. Using qunit+sinonjs (fake timers), one element stays on page (div class='modal-backdor'):

Look at twitter-bootstrap (line 95), there is a transitionEnd event fired. How can I test code that will be executed after the event was fired?

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The problem is that this.clock.tick(1000); dont let your test code wait for 1000ms but call all JavaScript setTimeouts that should happend in this time. So in your case, starting an animation, the this.clock.tick(1000); will have no effect cause the animation will still last 1000ms. You're looking for something like Jasmines waits(), which stop the execution of all test code beneath for the passed time. Seems there is no equivalent in qunit and sinon.

Btw. what you're trying to do is more a acceptance test then a unit test. You should thing about mocking your DOM element so you can just trigger the transitionEnd event in your test instead of starting a real animation. Also starting an animation and wait will end in really long running unit test. So in my latest project we have about 200 test cases that will run a 1-2 seconds. So think about how long this will take when you start using waits in your test.

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