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If I telnet using my terminal window to the device and enter show which prints config it prints certain number of lines and -- more -- in the bottom, you can press Return or Space on the keyboard a few times to get the rest of the command until it is all shown on screen, you know how it is.



Problem is neither

while (my $line = $t->getline()) {
    print $line;


my @lines = $t->getlines(All => 0); # or All => 1 

gives me all lines, just the starting few as with the terminal window.

I cant use cmd() or Expect or Net::OpenSSH on that box (the machine where the script runs, im not talking about the device), no gcc and has a crippled package manager. (Read: can't install IO::Pty)

What can I do to get the rest of the output of the command?

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The question still stands, I had to go around the problem by finding a command that returns a much smaller section of the config. – Recct Sep 6 '12 at 8:27
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If that show you use hasn't an option to turn off its paging, waiting for a keypress after each page, you have to ->print('') at appropriate times, therewith sending the continuation characters.

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Forgot I had this question open heh. Yes that did it on some of the problematic devices, sometimes I had to send "" some times " " (space..) after a brief sleep() on my end, on others even that didn't work but its better than nothing. – Recct Apr 15 '14 at 14:30

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