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I've been trying to use JsDoc for documenting my javascript but I keep coming across this hurdle. It keeps saying "nothing to document, exiting"

Here is the peice of code I'm trying to document:

 * Container for all editing methods
 * @namespace
var FREdit = {

     * Toggle value for editing
     * @type Number

     * Initialize editing 
    init: function(){

     * Function to enable editing 
    enable: function(){
            this.isToggleOn = 1;

Above I'm using namespace. Even if I use a variant form of function definition in JavaScript, JSDoc doesn't seem to recognise it. Eg:

 * Just any function
var any_function = function(){


Any idea how to get around this? Thanks!

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Judging from your question I'm guessing you're using JSDoc. The original JSDoc has been unsupported for a while now.

I suggest you use jsdoc-toolkit as it has much better support. According to their documentation you can document the class pattern. Take a look at their examples and you should be good to go!


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Thanks! I found jsdoc-toolkit after posting this and it works perfectly fine! – Ankit Aug 7 '09 at 6:56

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