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I have a scenairo where I need to bind a RadPanelBar to a SQL table similar to the below structure:

ID, Name, Category

1, Fred, Male

2, Sam, Male

3, Fred, Male

4, Sam, Female

5, Louise, Female

6, Tom, Male

I need the panelbar to be in a Category > Name structure (i.e. each name to be a child item of their gender) but can't see an easy way to do this from Telerik's examples.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You should look at the Data Bindings example and the Hierarchical Data Binding example.

Each item in the RadPanelBar has an item id. For child items you have to define a parent id also. The problem is that the database table does not have root items (male, female) stored as rows, so you have to add them first before binding to a RadPanelBar.

You can read the database table into a list or dataset, like in the example, and add the missing root items there.

Or, if you are using declarative binding (in ASPX), you can use UNION statements in a SQL query:

,CASE WHEN Category = 'Male' THEN -1 ELSE -2 END AS ParentID
FROM table


-1 AS id
NULL As ParentID
'Male' AS name


-2 AS id
NULL As ParentID
'Female' AS name
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