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I have a model that has three specific states: draft, submitted and published.

Each of these states has specific validation rules. E.g. the name of the model is only required in submitted and published. Something along the lines of:

validates :name, :presence => true, :unless => :draft?

When a draft model is on-screen, I want to show which broken validation rules have to be fixed, before being able to transition to submitted. When the model is in draft, the validation states that it is valid (which is true), but I still want to show the errors as if it were submitted.

I'm don't really know how I should tackle this problem.

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Say your model is Post. Do you want to show the broken validations when the draft post will be saved as published or submitted state or just as long as the user will keep editing the post without title? –  Samiron Sep 5 '12 at 13:33

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I do something similar for one of my projects. In my case, I have a virtual attribute that I can set to override the state. Then in my version of the "draft?" method I check the virtual attribute, if the attribute "do_full_validation" is set to true, then I respond in a way that allows the validation to be executed.

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