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I'm inseting many rows with sqlalchemy:

connection = engine.connect()
topic_res = connection.execute(message_topics.insert(),[
        'mt_date': time.time(),
        'mt_title': title,
        'mt_start_time': time.time(),
        'mt_last_post_time': time.time(),
        'mt_invited_members': u'a:0:{}',
        'mt_to_count': u'1',
        'mt_replies': u'1',
        } for member in members ])

when I need get inserted primary keys, and I get: AttributeError: 'MySQLExecutionContext_mysqldb' object has no attribute 'inserted_primary_key', but topic_res is 'ResultProxy' object due to debug. So if I insert only one row I can get topic_res.inserted_primary_key.

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There are good answers, please agree with any of them. – I159 Jan 17 '13 at 8:06

the inserted_primary_key attribute is only functional for a single-row insert:

This only applies to single row insert() constructs which did not explicitly specify Insert.returning().

this is due to a widely prevalent limitation in database client libraries including all Python DBAPIs where only one "last inserted id" attribute is left available at a time.

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So for MySQL there is no way to do a multi insert and getting the list of all inserted ids in one call ?I am seeing a performance difference of 25x when inserting all at once instead of looping over each and retrievning the inserted_primary_key. – Zitrax Oct 28 '14 at 15:42
not that I know of, DBAPI doesn't support this and the mysql adapters don't appear to offer any non-standard APIs for this. this is an old answer so take a look at… for an overview of the situation. – zzzeek Oct 29 '14 at 16:47

Maybe your ResultsProxy is a list or list-like object, so you should iterate over the elements=db-rows of that object:

for e in topic_res:
    print e.inserted_primary_key

EDIT: the method "inserted_primary_key" seems to work only for single-row insertions. See

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I have found a way to achieve this. However it is connected of a strange behaviour in sqlalchemy

Sqlalchemy strange behaviour when inserting multiple rows and returning the primary key

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