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I use this URL to report an event to google-analytics:*action*label)(1)

In Analytics, I definied a goal like:

Goal Name: Out
Goal Type: Event
Goal Details: 
Categorie is euql to: Out
Action: [no selection]
Label: [no selection]
Value: [no selection]
Goal Value: Use the actual event value

But: No goals arrive in Analytics. What could be wrong?

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Do you use that url directly or through an API? You know that gif request is not a supported protocol right? – Eduardo Sep 5 '12 at 17:41
It is possible to fire the __utm.gif directly, but you have to construct the correct params. I don't understand the (1) at the end of your code. As far I know, the event's syntax is: utme=5(<category>*<action>*<label>*<value>). <value> is optional. – Victor Schröder Sep 5 '12 at 20:48

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Check out where it says:

3. Ensure that the utmp parameter is present.
4. Ensure that the utmcc parameter is present and non-empty.
   In the case of an empty utmcc parameter, no cookie data is sent, and the request is ignored.

It looks like your request does not do either of those.

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