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I need to execute following query (Using Propel 1.4/Symfony 1.4)

update notification
set read=1
where to=6 AND

For this, I wrote following code in symfony 1.4

$c=new Criteria()
$c->add(NotificationPeer::TO, $memberId, Criteria::EQUAL);
$c->add(NotificationPeer::ACTION, 0, Criteria::EQUAL);
$notification = NotificationPeer::doSelect($c);

foreach($notification as $notice)

Its working but if there are 100's of notification for any user, it will cost 100s of query and unnecessary load to server. I looked on doUpdate method of propel, I guess it can work for me but unable to figure out how.

IS there any way (I know there is but I don't know it) to do all that stuff in single query?

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You should build two criteria:

  • one for the where clause
  • the other one for the update clause.
// Build WHERE criteria
$wherec = new Criteria();
$wherec->add(NotificationPeer::TO, $memberId, Criteria::EQUAL);
$wherec->add(NotificationPeer::ACTION, 0, Criteria::EQUAL);

// Build updated field criteria
$updc = new Criteria();
$updc->add(NotificationPeer::READ, 1);

BasePeer::doUpdate($wherec, $updc, $con);

It performs one (could be big) query. See this snippet.

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