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This might be an extremely dumb question, but I simply can't understand the problem at the moment.

I have an App.xaml file that defines application level resources :

<Application x:Class="WpfMPManager.App"
            <ResourceDictionary Source="MyDictionnary.xaml"/>                   

For various reasons, I start this application through a .cs file like that (there actually is a lot more going on in this file).

    static void Main(params string[] args)
        App myApp = new App();
        MainWindow myWindow = new MainWindow();

However, when I start the application in this way, my application resource dictionnaries are empty (and they are indeed filled if I start the application through my App.xml).

Should I call a specific method on the Application object to force it to load the resource dictionaries defined in the .xaml file ?

Thanks in advance.

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Answering my own question in case anyone stumbles on that

It seems it's enough to call myApp.InitializeComponent() which is not called by the default constructor. Could have figured it out faster.

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