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I am trying to set the properties of one object to be the same as the properties of another object. Here the code so far:

private T SetObjectAttributes<T> (dynamic fromO, T toO)
    foreach (var prop in fromO.GetType().GetProperties())
        toO[prop] = fromO[prop];
    return toO;

The syntax here is incorrect:

toDbObject[prop] = fromObject[prop];

Basically, I am trying to set a property but the property name isn't known until run time. So my question is how to assign the value of the property at runtime.

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You may use AutoMapper for these purposes – petro.sidlovskyy Sep 5 '12 at 14:20

You have to use the methods GetValue( object sourceObject) respectively SetValue( object target, object value ) of the PropertyInfo instance of the property.

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You want to use PropertyInfo.SetValue to actually set the value. Also I hope you're caching those PropertyInfo instances - because it's going to really slow otherwise.

You should also look at ExpandoObject or some other options.

What exactly are you trying to do? Perhaps there's an altogether better way.

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