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I am developing a calendar application using Tapku library. I need to connect Tapku calendar with a CalDAV server.

Does anyone know how to configure Tapku calendar with CalDAV service or any other iOS calendar library where I can connect with CalDAV server?

At least does anyone know how to implement a CalDav iOS calendar? Because there are some apps out there which is connected to a calendar server. Also I cannot use default iOS calendar since my requirement is to show all the calendar data within my app.

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I feel you can use one of the C or C++ or Objective C library mentioned in the link below.

As far as I could guess the library in the following link should be a good bet. You'd might need to do some work to get it working on iOS. I've not used this library but as I see this library supports the standard CalDav format and are being used in other projects. Hence,this is your best bet.

Disclaimer: I've not used this library.

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Nice answer. I will try this. – Chinthaka Feb 8 '13 at 9:41

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