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I have a combobox for which I have a validation that a change in selection should be reverted back on meeting a condition.

I have detected the condition but when I change the value and displayedValue of combobox, the onChange associated with the combobox gets fired. Following is the code I am using to change the selection:


I have also tried to set the onChange to blank before firing above code and then re attaching the onChange code as below:

dojo.connect(dijit.byId('scheduleName'),'onChange', "hideGrid");

hideGrid is a javascript function. I am using Dojo 1.8

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You should use dojo.disconnect instead of



var hndl, sched = dijit.byId('scheduleName');
var fnWireOnChange = function(){
  hndl = dojo.connect(sched,'onChange', 'hideGrid');


As a side note, connect/disconnect has been deprecated in favor of dojo/on


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works well, but after calling fnWireOnChange(), the cursor is present inside the comobox for typing. Now if I click outside the combobox, onchange gets fired. How to avoid the presence of cursor inside combobox. I tried using document.getElmentById('someotheid').focus() but wasn't successful. I am using FilteringSelect and not ComboBox –  Sandeep Sep 6 '12 at 10:34

Set only value, not displayedValue

myComboBox.set("value", value, false);

then only watch callback is fired, not dojo/on or onChange.

Check this jsFiddle out to see differencies: http://jsfiddle.net/phusick/d7ymY/

Note: If you need to trim() displayedValue consider a custom setter or dojo/aspect::before.

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