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When I publish a web service created from a WSDL, the WSDL which is created after publishing is different than the original one. The difference is that WSDL/XSD created after publishing had additional element(ARG0) which wraps all root elements.

Because of the reason above, I could not share original WSDL/XSD to client developers since original WSDL and the one created after publishing is not same.

I am using Java as a programming language and JAX-WS.

using API javax.xml.ws.Endpoint to publish the web service without needing any Application server.


Thanks in advance.

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Since the problem is unneccesary wrapping issue, I focused on wrapping annotations. Eventually I have found out that there is a related annotation for this issue. After adding following annotation statement at the beginning of Class ,problem has been solved.

public class WebServiceHandler implements WebService {

From now on, I can make succesfull request created from original WSDL to deployed machine.

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If you post the wsdl, a better assessment can be made. Given that you are seeing an unexpected wrapper, my guess is that jax-ws is interpreting your original wsdl differently than you intend. The page here (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/webservices/library/ws-whichwsdl/) discusses different wsdl configurations. My suggestion is that you follow the instructions for using the document/literal/wrapped convention as it is more or less in the mainstream for soap-based services.

The resulting published wsdl will still likely be a little different in terms of service name, port name or namespace unless you use the @Webservice annotation attributes to force these to particular values, but they will be consistent such that you can provide the published wsdl to your clients and expect success.

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Why wsdl is not changed when I deploy a webservice to an Application Server? It indicates that there should not be wrong with wsdl description but javax.xml.ws.Endpoint API. –  mmc18 Sep 6 '12 at 8:35
Without the generated-from wsdl I am only speculating, but it sounds like jax-ws is enforcing a convention that you do not expect. Code generation tools (wsimport) and jax-ws make some decisions based on wsdl construction. The different wsdl styles are explained in the page at the ibm.com link. –  dcbyers Sep 6 '12 at 12:03
wsimport tool does not change the convention while creating code from wsdl. I though EndPoint class make some decision in terms of wrapping request and response parameters. –  mmc18 Sep 6 '12 at 14:31

The most common reason for this type of issue is that the class implementing the Web service doesn't have an @WebService annotation with the correct endpointInterface attribute. In fact, it is not sufficient to implement the endpoint interface generated from the WSDL.

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