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I am writing a service that creates a copy of a certain SQL Azure db every once in a while by issuing this:

CREATE DATABASE [copy] AS COPY OF [original]

I then periodically check the sys.dm_database_copies table to see if the copy is done. Basically, if the dm_database_copies entry is not there, it's done copying.

What concerns me is the following: What if the copy failed? Does the dm_database_copies entry get deleted? My feeling is that is should not get deleted, as it contains info about the error, but I can't be sure, because I've actually never had a db copy fail.

So the bottom line question is: does the dm_database_copies entry for a particular database id get deleted on anything else than a successful copy?

Many thanks in advance

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I had failures in copying large databases (> 100 GB) and the record is not deleted.

From the documentation I read that:

When the database copy completes successfully and the new database becomes ONLINE, the row in the sys.dm_database_copies view is removed automatically.

So it implicitly state that if the copy process fails the row is not deleted, according also to my experience.

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Thanks for the answer, especially for confirming it by experience. – Pinetree Sep 5 '12 at 16:22

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