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yii cactivedataprovider default sorting is specified, but the front desk to use AJAX sorting is not valid. Using sortableattributes sort is not valid

public function actionIndex()
    // renders the view file 'protected/views/site/index.php'
    // using the default layout 'protected/views/layouts/main.php'
    $article = new CActiveDataProvider('article',array(
            'order'=>'id DESC',


$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbListView', array(
'itemView'=>'_list',   // refers to the partial view named '_post'
'sortableAttributes' => array(
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The default order must be specified as defaultOrder property of CActiveDataProvider::sort.

So modify your code as

$article = new CActiveDataProvider('article',array(
            'defaultOrder'=>'id DESC',
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thank you,I follow your solution to the problem –  user1295679 Sep 6 '12 at 11:44

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