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I use the Mozilla's Add-on Builder. I am looking for a way to remove an event listener in a contentScript. I use the port way to communicate between add-on script code and the content script code.

The problem is the callback on event "response" is called more than once. I want it to be called once and declared in the callback of the event show.

Can someone help me with that?

main.js code:

var Panel = require("panel").Panel;
var popup_panel = Panel({
    width: 286,
    height: 340,
    contentURL: require("self").data.url("popup.html"),
    allow: { script: true },
    contentScriptWhen: "end",
    contentScriptFile : [
    onShow: function(){
        var pan = this;
        this.port.on("hide", function(){pan.hide();});

var Widget = require("widget").Widget;
var widget = Widget({
    id: "mozilla-icon",
    label: "My Mozilla Widget",
    contentURL: "http://www.mozilla.org/favicon.ico",
    panel: popup_panel

popup_panel.port.on("get", function(){

Content script (test.js):

self.port.on("show", function(){
    function response(){
        console.log("reponse called");

    self.port.once("response", response);
    self.port.removeListener("response", response);

full source code

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Finally I found the problem. It is a bug in the add-on kit. In the file api-utils/lib/content/content-worker.js in the function removeListener the index is always -1.

The parameter given in the indexOf is the name of the event and it search a function. It is incorrect.

So to solve the problem I replace the line let index = listeners[name].indexOf(name); by let index = listeners[name].indexOf(callback);.


The bug has been fixed. It will publish in the version 1.10 see here

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Yes, that's what I found out as well - you were a bit faster. Filed bug 788981 on that. –  Wladimir Palant Sep 6 '12 at 9:27
Thanks a lot for the correction Wladimir ^^. –  Charles Jourdan Sep 6 '12 at 9:29

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