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Calling a WTForms field object produces the rendered field, and any arguments are taken as attributes, for instance.


would return something like

<input attribute='value'>

How can I add HTML5 custom data attributes such as data-provide which contain hyphens, making them unparseable in python as a single keyword argument?

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Create a dictionary with the corresponding key-value pairs and use ** to pass it to the field call:

attrs = {'data-provide': "foo"}

Edit: Looks like the comment by @NiklasB should be part of the answer: For those using flask with flask-WTF, use: {{ form.field( **{'data-provide': 'foo'} ) }} in your template.

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For those using flask with flask-WTF, use: {{ form.field( **{'data-provide': 'foo'} ) }} in your template –  Niklas B Mar 12 '13 at 10:20
Thanks for this -- awesome work. I did the following: {{ form.phone( **{'data-format': '(ddd) ddd-dddd', 'class':'form-control bfh-phone', 'placeholder':'Phone'} ) }} –  Steven Ellliott Jr Oct 23 '13 at 16:01

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