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My current project uses Visual Studio 2010 and TOAD. It is an MVC project with Oracle 11g. I can get the SQL I am producing with logging and or debugging, however, since I already have a TOAD license I would love to be able to use the Tools for Oracle product, SQL Tracker to get the SQL in runtime without having to use logging or break points.

I assume I need to use the devenv.exe (VS executable) process but I cannot get it to add to the SQL Tracker tool. I get the error:

cannot create process; error=[740] (the requested operation requires elevation.)

Any google search says it has to do with running as admin. I have tried to include the Command-line argument of "RUNAS Administrator" (as well as a variety of other options) with no luck.


I am now able to Start monitoring the devenv.exe process. In order to do this I needed to run the applications as administrator before I even started SQL Tracker. However, no output is being captured.

I think I probably need to monitor the IIS process instead (w3wp.exe). When I click to start monitoring this process I now get the error:

Failed to create remote thread; error=8 (Not enough storage is available to process this command.)

I believe monitoring IIS is the correct approach, however, this error is now holding me up. Again google is not helping and I am running everything as Administrator.

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Root cause could be many reasons but one thing that I suspect is caching on IIS. You can start from looking there.

Here are few things that you can try out.


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