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I want to insert test data into database before running my test cases.

From verbose output of django, it said it already loaded a lot of objects from fixtures. However the table still is empty in test database. I set breakpoint in my test code, then check the table of test database. I even debug the django code, it indeed executed the insert sql and return the affected rows. But I still can't find the data in test db!

The database server is mysql.

Any idea for resolving it?

Verbose output of django test,

Loading 'goods_756399566_3my10' fixtures...
Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.xml.zip fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'...
No xml fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' in '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'.
Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.xml.bz2 fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'...
No xml fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' in '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'.
Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.json fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'...
Installing json fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' from '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'.
Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.json.gz fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'...
No json fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' in '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'.
Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.json.zip fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'...
Installed 117 object(s) from 2 fixture(s)


I tried to dump same data as initial_data.json, the data in this fixture can be inserted into test database. I don't know why django failed to insert fixtures before running test cases, but it's a workaround to make my work continue.


I'm not sure it's caused by my environment. Anyway I changed the db to SQLLite when doing test, there is no problem to import data of fixtures into memory database. It also make sense to run unit tests without mysql installed.

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Seems to be saying that the file goods_756399566.... is not found in the given folder. Check the paths? –  will-hart Sep 5 '12 at 17:03
@will-hart, below output indicates it's found and installed. Trying '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures' for goods_756399566_3my10.json fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10'... Installing json fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' from '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'. –  Kane Sep 6 '12 at 0:49
Fair enough, I was just looking at this line: No xml fixture 'goods_756399566_3my10' in '/Users/kane/git/blizzard_recommend/blizzard_recommend/src/web/fixtures'. –  will-hart Sep 6 '12 at 8:05

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