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Being new to Git, I wanted to use a GUI (Windows based) and preferred the Github App. However, I would like to integrate this site with a Beanstalkapp account. I'm pretty sure this is possible, but I can't figure it out.

Inside of the Github app, I navigate to my repository. When I choose "Tools > Settings...", I place the Git Clone URL for the repository provided by Beanstalk into the "Primary Remote (origin)" field in my Github app.

Now when I click "Publish" (which says "Click to publish this branch to server" when I hover over it) it changes to "Publishing...". After a few seconds, I get this error:

server failure

The remote server disconnected. Try again later, or if this persists, contact

I am pretty sure I set the SSH keys up properly (never done this before). I added the key to both the Beanstalkapp and my Github web account.

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Yes, you can.

Github creates a SSH key in the C:/Users/username/.ssh directory (based on my Windows 7 settings). You must add the key that Github creates github_rsa to your keys in Beanstalk.

What I was doing wrong...

I created a SSH key (which is very common in almost every Git Getting Started tutorial), and was adding that key to Beanstalk, thinking somehow my computer (or perhaps Git) would automagically use that key (I'm new to this). Um, no. :) The Github app creates and uses it's own key, and that's what you load into Beanstalk if you want to use that app.

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