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I am currently attempting to add a secondary jqgrid to the edit form of the primary jqgrid and running into some difficulties.

What I'm attempting to do is have a primary grid that contains two columns - ID, Description. When adding/editing one of the rows I would like to have a second grid represent the "ID" field allowing the user to search for a specific ID already predefined in another location. The description field would be a normal edit field.

If this isn't directly an option is it possible to add a button in the add/edit form to display a second grid in modal form and then on selecting a row in that grid pass the selected "ID" back to the edit form?

Any suggestions / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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This is an older post of mine however seeing how it's not answered I'll post the answer I finally figured out.

The key was a several step process

  1. In the colModel define your subgrid fields using custom elements:

    editoptions: {custom_element: MeasureCreate, custom_value:MeasureValue}

  2. The MeasureCreate(value,options) method inserts a new table into the edit grid

    var el = document.createElement("table"); return el;

  3. MeasureValue(value,options) returns the value of a var set by the subgrid

    return selectedmeasure;

  4. In the edit/add options set an onIntializeForm method

  5. In the onIntializeForm function create the new grid


  6. In the onSelectRow event of the new grid set your value when selecting the row

    onSelectRow: function(ids) {selectedmeasure = ids;}

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