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I've set up view caching successfully for other controller/actions in my Cake application. But PagesController does not seem to cache anything at all.

At the top of PagesController.php I have:

var $cacheAction = array (
     'display/index/' => array('callbacks' => false, 'duration' => '+1 week'),
     'index' => array('callbacks' => false, 'duration' => '+1 week'),
     '/' => array('callbacks' => false, 'duration' => '+1 week'),


But still, when I visit the homepage either through '/' or '/pages/index/' -- nothing caches.

Does the PagesController follow different rules than other controllers when it comes to view caching? I am at a loss...

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Though it will cache everything from the PagesController, this works for me (placed before the display() method):

public $cacheAction = '1 week';

EDIT: this works as well when used in the display() method:

$this->cacheAction = '1 week';
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Yeah, I need the caching on a per-action basis. –  Adam Friedman Oct 1 '12 at 18:10

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