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I am trying to upload large files using ASP .Net Web API controller

  1. I am able to upload until 2 GB.
  2. But for more than 2GB I am unable to upload.
  3. is this a limitation of Web api controller and asp .net?
  4. Should I make any configuration changes?
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Looks like it has been voted for and completed as of .NET 4.5, see http://aspnet.uservoice.com/forums/41199-general/suggestions/2642879-maximum-upload-size-in-asp-net-is-2gb-increase-it?tracking_code=5805b1d13655be23d0395513447ba9f7

However, needs to be resolved in IIS 8.0, see http://aspnet.uservoice.com/forums/41199-general-asp-net/suggestions/3122276-please-share-how-to-upload-files-larger-then-2gb-

Otherwise, you might have to look at third party (paid, open source) solutions for a more elegant approach of uploading the large files in chunks (with a progress bar indicator, etc.).

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