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The field is set to MONEY.

I want to select [field_name] as $#,###.

I tried

SELECT CAST([field_name] AS DECIMAL (1, 3))
FROM ...

but no luck.

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Possible duplicate: 1 ... Additional Resource – Kermit Sep 5 '12 at 16:12

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declare @v money
set @v = 1234.567 
select '$' + parsename(convert(varchar(20), @v, 1), 2) 

SQL Fiddle Example

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thx, this worked! – Testifier Sep 5 '12 at 16:52

There is a money data type, however it will not prefix the "money" with a currency sign. You would need to SELECT '$' + Cast(CAST([field_name] AS DECIMAL (1, 3)) AS VARCHAR(4)) however you really should avoid this approach. Formatting should really be done exclusively in the UI, then the UI should know the country and consequentially the currency symbol The money data type allows you to add, (SUM aggregate) stuff without loosing small change, which a floating numeric data type will do under fairly simple cirumstances.



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You could do something like this:

The reader also wanted to know how to get the currency sign prepended to the amount, e.g., $1,320.00.

    '$' + CONVERT(varchar(12), Unitprice, 1) AS Unitprice, 
    '$' + CONVERT(varchar(12), Quantity * UnitPrice, 1) AS Amount 
 FROM [Order Details]
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this is giving me numbers such as $25,000.00. It needs to be: $25,000. how do I get rid of the last 2 0's? – Testifier Sep 5 '12 at 16:23
You can use "replace": select replace(convert(varchar,cast(Quantity * UnitPrice, 1), '.00','')) – paulsm4 Sep 5 '12 at 18:04

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