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get site name from a URL in python

For URLs like this:


I'd like to pull out the 'http://twitter.com' or 'http://wolframalpha.com' parts.

The following code works, but I'm looking for suggestions of a cleaner way of doing it...

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Seems urlparse has this covered! stackoverflow.com/questions/508183/… –  Tony Blundell Sep 5 '12 at 16:15

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You can use the urllib.parse (named urlparse prior to Python 3) module:

>>> from urllib.parse import urlparse
>>> urlparse("http://twitter.com")
ParseResult(scheme='http', netloc='twitter.com', path='', params='', query='', fragment='')
>>> r = urlparse("http://twitter.com")
>>> r.scheme + '://' + r.netloc
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Another(less readable) method with urlparse:

>>> from urlparse import urlparse, urlunparse
>>> urlunparse(urlparse("http://twitter.com/pypi")[:2] + ("",) * 4)
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