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I'm working on a Symfony2.0 form with a text field. I use Annotation to validate the field. The field has the following validation:

 * @Assert\MinLength(limit=2, message="At least two characters")
 * @Assert\NotBlank()
 * @Assert\Regex(
 *           pattern= "/\d/",
 *           match=   false,
 *           message= "This text cannot contain numbers" 
 * ) 

Notice that the Regex assertion comes from here.

So, I expect that all the characters except the numbers can be used! However, When I put some special chars like "ò", the form is not validated and the error message "This text cannot contain numbers" is returned.

I checked the Regex string at http://www.regextester.com/ and seems to work right!

Any idea why that validation in Symfony2.0 works bad? Am I missing something?

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I changed the Regex proposed on the Symfony2.0 official doc as follows:

 @Assert\Regex(pattern= "/[0-9]/")

and now the form works well.

A final thought! I really don't understand why such characters are meant to be digits by using the Regex \d. Many non-English words use that characters.

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You should use the Type constraint : symfony.com/fr/doc/current/reference/constraints/Type.html –  Adrien G Sep 30 '14 at 13:11

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