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I'm trying to use a python package from IronPython. Everything works fine if I import regular python modules.

But when I try to do the following:

import win32ui

I get:

No module named win32ui

I've hunted through the code in IronPython.Runtime.Importer and there's no mention of .pyd

Anyone know a way around this?

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You can check out IronClad which is working to provide this support. It may or may not work w/ your PYD of choice.

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Cheers, IronClad looks cool! –  Jan Bannister Aug 7 '09 at 10:25

A .pyd file is a DLL. So unless IronPython (which is written in .net) can correctly load C DLLs written for CPython, you might be out of luck.


In fact, according to the IronPython FAQ, you are unfortunately unable to import .pyd files:

Q: How do I build and call into PYD libraries?

A: IronPython does not support using PYDs built for CPython since they leverage implementation details of CPython. You can get a similar effect for new "PYD"s you would like to implement by writing them in C# or VB and building a DLL for .NET.

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