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I'm having an issue with python and need some help. When calling any function it no longer displays the output but instead <function hello at 0x0000000002CD2198> (hello is function name). I've reinstalled Python but the problem remains. It was fine the other day and started to occur seemingly without reason.

How do I solve this?

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You need to call your function, you are printing just the function object itself:

>>> def hello():
...    return "Hello World"
>>> print hello()
Hello World
>>> print hello
<function hello at 0x1062ce7d0>

Note the difference between the the hello and hello() lines.

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call function as func(), functions are called with parenthesis in front of them:

>>> def hello(): 
        print "goodbye" 

>>> hello()    #use parenthesis after function name

>>> hello         #you're doing this
<function hello at 0x946572c>

'<function hello at 0x946572c>'
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I guess you called hello by


Try hello() instead

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Just for the sake of completeness:

Even if hello was actually being called, it could of course be that hello() simply returns another function.

Consider this:

    def hello():
        """Returns a function to greet someone.
        def greet(name):
            return "Hello %s" % name
        # Notice we're not calling `greet`, so we're returning the actual
        # function object, not its return value
        return greet

    greeting_func = hello()

    print greeting_func
    # <function greet at 0xb739c224> 
    msg = greeting_func("World")

    print msg
    # Hello World
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