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Hi i am showing Listbox header dynamically like this...

<listhead children="@load(vm.headerList)">
                <template name="children" var="headerName">
                    <listheader label="@load(headerName)"  ></listheader>

but when i am trying to add


attribute in the listheader it is throwing exception .

Any one know how can i add sorting for dynamic headers?


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I had wrote a simple code to simulate yours. But there isn't any exception.


Maybe the problem would be more clear if you provide reproducible code and the exception you got.

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Thanks for your reply but i made a component for Sorting with the help of Dualbox.Its a reusable component which can be used anywhere where anyone want to implement sorting and Listbox contain millions of records. –  subodh Oct 6 '12 at 16:42

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