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GDB is not showing me the line source after next/stop , and displays only line number and source file , like this :

(gdb) n
7   in test/test.c

whereas I expect it to display the current line , like this :

(gdb) next
17        char * good_message = "Hello, world.";

any settings in .gdbinit that might help me do this ?

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Possibly a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/4362581/… –  rturrado Sep 5 '12 at 17:38
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whereas I expect it to display the current line , like this

On many platforms, such as ELF, the compiler records both the path to the source (test/test.c in your case), and the compilation directory, allowing GDB to display source regardless of which directory you invoke it in.

But many platforms are less flexible, and don't have a place to record compilation directory. On such platforms (e.g. AIX), you must either start GDB in the compilation directory, or tell it where to look for sources with directory command.

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