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I just want to capture the part of the string in nbnbaasd<sd which appears before any a.

I want it to return nbnb as the match.

 /.+(?!a)/.match("nbnbaasd<sd") # returns the whole string
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It returns the whole string because indeed, "nbnbaasd<sd" is not followed by an "a".

Try this.


(You do not actually need to use a lookahead to achieve this, but perhaps you've simplified your problem and in your real problem you do need a zero-width assertion for some reason. So this is a solution as close as possible to the one you've attempted.)

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Just use a negated character set:


It's far more efficient than the look-ahead method.

See it here in action:

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+1 Ah... simplicity and elegance. – the Tin Man Sep 5 '12 at 19:21

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