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I use this code to get the user's ID saved in the key user:their_email_id.

redis.get("user:" + email, function(err, reply) {
    if (reply != null) {
        id = reply;

This gives me the user's ID in the id variable.

Now I use this ID to query the user's hash:

redis.hgetall("user:" + id, function (err, reply) {

Here I get the reply as null. The reason is instead of the key becoming something like:


I'm getting this:


Now I know that it successfully returns the ID, and everything is working, except that when concatenating the ID with the "user:" string, it fails.

I also tried using id.toString(), but Express shows method not found. Why could this be happening? Do I have to require some library?

And how do I solve this issue?


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Are you sure that redis.hgetall is not called before redis.get calls callback where you set the id ? –  Maciej Sep 5 '12 at 18:27
Thanks for the comment, that was exactly the problem. Then I shifted the hgetall in a function and used it as a callback in the get command. :D... Thanks a lot... –  Arjun Bajaj Sep 5 '12 at 18:59

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