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I want to set Flag as navOpenInBackgroundTab of BrowserNavConstants enum which soon will be passed as parameter to IWebBrowser2::Navigate2 Method.

Signature of IWebBrowser2::Navigate2:-

HRESULT Navigate2(
    VARIANT *Flags,
    VARIANT *TargetFrameName,
    VARIANT *PostData,
    VARIANT *Headers

This is where I have problem:-

VARIANT SITE={0}, vFlags = {0},vTargetFrameName = {0},vPostData = {0},vHeaders = {0};
vFlags.intVal=navOpenInBackgroundTab;//<--Here,Don't know how to do it.Not Working..

m_spWebBrowser->Navigate2(&SITE, &vFlags,&vTargetFrameName, &vPostData, &vHeaders);

Thank you very much for your support.

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Use InitVariantFromInt32:-

HRESULT hr = InitVariantFromInt32(navOpenInBackgroundTab, &vFlags);

You can also use (From my old codebase :) ) :-

V_VT(&vFlags) = VT_I4;
V_I4(&vFlags) = navOpenInBackgroundTab; 
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