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I have a database in SQL server 2005 that is called MyStaging and I made a blank one called MyStaging_bk. I went to Backup MyStaging and then tried to restore in to MyStaging_bk. But it says I cannot restore since the backup sets are different.

How do I copy db's and they are on the same database server?

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I'm considering you can log into the sql server with a high level user.

-- go for master
use master

-- backup the old database
backup database olddatabasename
to disk = 'c:\backup.bak'

-- create a new database
create database newdatabasename
    name = newdatabasenamedata,
    filename = 'c:\newdatabasenamedata.mdf',
    size = 500mb,
    maxsize = unlimited,
    filegrowth = 25mb
log on
    name = newdatabasenamelog,
    filename = 'c:\newdatabasenamelog.ldf',
    size = 5mb,
    filegrowth = 5mb

-- put it in single user mode
alter database newdatabasename
set single_user
with rollback immediate

-- get the backup logical names and write it down
restore filelistonly
from disk = 'c:\backup.bak'

-- restore the database from the backup using the logical names
restore database newdatabasename
from disk = 'c:\backup.bak'
    move 'olddatabasenamelogicalnamedata' to 'c:\newdatabasenamedata.mdf',
    move 'olddatabasenamelogicalnamelog' to 'c:\newdatabasenamelog.ldf',

-- rename the logical names if you want (do it =p)
alter database newdatabasename
modify file
    name = 'olddatabasenamelogicalnamedata',
    newname = 'newdatabasenamedata'

alter database newdatabasename
modify file
    name = 'olddatabasenamelogicalnamelog',
    newname = 'newdatabasenamelog'

I'm pretty sure that restoring a database from backup automatically puts it in multi user, but:

alter database newdatabasename
set multi_user

The newdatabase don't have any user added to it. So:

use newdatabasename    

create user someuser from login anexistentloginname

sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'someuser'
sp_addrolemember 'db_datareader', 'someuser' 
sp_addrolemember 'db_datawriter', 'someuser'


You have to run each block separately or add the go keyword in each block.


My bad here, the newdatabase will get all users from the backup database.

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@chris please see my last update. – lolol Sep 6 '12 at 13:47

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