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I have a website written in html/php on my server. I also have a script which loads a file and returns some graphs. I can load a file from my pc using <input type="file" (...)/>.

The problem is: I'd like to load files not from my hard drive but directly from the server - I mean files are already uploaded, now I want people to be able to select files they want and analyse them with my script. Let's say they are at this location: /home/user/www/source/. How can I do it? Is there some smart function to replace <input>?

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If all the files in a certain folder are valid then you can glob() them and create links or a select list. If you want to manipulate the contents of a file, you'll need to open it with PHP, read the contents, and output the data into html.

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The images are stored on a harddrive, how about just using the img-tag?

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After uploading the files, your script could append that file to a list of uploaded files... something like


Then you can use your script to dynamically list the files...

$f = file ('uploads.txt');

print '<ul>';
for ($i=0; $i<count($f); $i++) {
    print '<li><a href="analyze.php?f='.$f[$i].'">'.$f[$i].'</a></li>';

print '</ul>';


Of course, you'd have to put your graph creation code in analyze.php so that it returns the graph corresponding to the selected file.

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