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I read in the gradle docs that

"Newest - used by default by Gradle - the newest version of the dependency is used. 
This strategy has been in Gradle since early days."

yet, I when I use code to copy configuration, I see duplicate jars with different versions

task('copyJars') { 
    //ext.collection = files { genLibDir.listFiles() }
    //delete ext.collection
    copy { from configurations.compile into genLibDir }
    //copy { from fixedLibDir into genLibDir }

Here is one of them..


This is the latest 1.1 gradle download

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Conflict resolution only occurs for dependencies from Maven or Ivy repositories which have the necessary metadata (pom.xml or ivy.xml).

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IT seems this one is not supported when using the "newest" version of jars ...

compile fileTree(dir: project.ext.fixedLibDir, include: '*.jar')

so you have to manually do it yourself :(.

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