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I've been researching how I can take the transit info API that The Washington DC Metro Rail offers, and display it as HTML.

The documentation is on their website, but It does not include many examples. The only instructions I've found is to use one of three URLs.

I have figured out how to see the information using the below code. The problem is that the URLs below are generating all data as text only in my browser. I cannot figure out how to display selected data as HTML.

from their site:

Each method has 2 endpoints: REST and JSON.

URL (REST) example:

URL (JSON) example:

Additionally, developers can use JSONP if desired by adding a "callback" parameter to the JSON call:

http://[url to JSON service]?api_key=[your_key]&callback=[name of callback]

When using JSONP make sure that [name of callback] in the URL displayed above is the name of a Javascript function needed to process the JSON data.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a tutorial or best way to get started?


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You should try the WMATA interactive documentation.

If you've already registered for a key, just sign in, and your API key will be automatically populated into the interactive docs. The I/O Docs interface should help you easily navigate the resources/methods. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here, and I can help you out.

I'm a platforms evangelist for Mashery, the company that helps WMATA/DC Metro manage their APIs.

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