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I am new to android development in my application i want to draw the line on finger move and want to remove all the lines draw by me with a button click which is provided on the screen. I am able to draw the line but i am not able to remove the lines and the lines are also not smooth.

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What are you drawing on? A custom view? SurfaceView? Your question is VERY vague, you will not get a response unless you provide more detail. –  Andi Jay Sep 5 '12 at 19:46

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Create a class to represent your lines, for example:

public class Line{
    public float startX;
    public float startY;
    public float endX;
    public float endY;
    public int colour;
    private Paint paint;

    public Line(float startX, float startY, float endX, float endY, int colour){
        this.startX = startX;
        this.startY = startY;
        this.endX = endX;
        this.endY = endY;
        this.paint = new Paint();
        // look at the antialias and dither options for paint to create a smooth line

    public draw(Canvas canvas){
       canvas.drawLine(this.startX, this.startY, this.endX, this.endY, paint);


Then in your activity, create a list of Line objects, e.g. ArrayList lines;

In your touch event, instead of drawing a line, add a new line to the list. Then, in your onDraw method, something like this:

 for(Line line:lines){

Finally, in your button click, remove the line object from your lines list.

Good luck!

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