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I am nery new to matlab. I want to calculate the age of a person in years, days, months and hours in matlab? The user inputs his/her date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format. Such as i am entering my DOB as 27/11/1989 how i can find my current age?

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You should take a look at this page:

I'd use datenum for converting the input to a serial date number. Then subtract now, and use datestr for converting the result back to a readable string in you desired 'DD/MM/YYYY' format.


Full code (read and understand it, look at the links I provided!)



As you can see, you should use 'mm' instead of 'MM' ('MM' corresponds to 'minutes' instead of 'months'.

Or you can use datevec, which would give you a vector containing #years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds:


which results on my pc in:

ans =
   23.0000    8.0000    9.0000   22.0000   52.0000    7.1783

Now go find out in which timezone I live ;)

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